Great to be here!

Hi, this is Sue.

Thanks for stopping by to see our new Take Five Authors blog. I’ve never participated in a joint blog before so I’m excited to have been invited to be part of this one.

My next two books will be with Avon HarperCollins UK and here’s a pic of their swanky new offices next door to The Shard near London Bridge. The News Building copy

Good job I don’t work there as I’d never get any writing done. I’d just stare out at the views of London.

Instead I write in my study, at a desk facing the wall. At some point of each day I leap up and do something else for an hour or two – Zumba, yoga, FitStep or my piano lesson – but I’m a full-time writer and work fifty or sixty hours most weeks.


7 thoughts on “Great to be here!

  1. The Shard is pretty spectacular isn’t it. I did some work on the 22nd floor for a while. The view was just amazing. And there were still a lot more offices much higher than mine. I can only imagine what their view was like.

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