Hello everyone, welcome!

We are “Ellie Campbell”, co-authors and sisters Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell.   We’re thrilled to be part of this new and chatty author blog and thought we’d start by telling you about our writing spaces.

Pam first:  I always work in my attic, climbing up the stairs every morning with a mug of tea to shut out all distractions. There’s a great view from the window looking out over fields and trees to the beautiful Surrey countryside. On a clear day I can see right over to Gatwick airport and if I’m not writing, I’m day-dreaming of flying off somewhere hot and luxurious.

Pam's attic


And Lorraine:  I have a very messy office in our Colorado house, with a desk so cluttered that many times I choose to write in the living room instead, either on the sofa or at our little breakfast booth.  And then I get the additional joy of occasionally seeing my four horses galloping past the window.

Lorraine's office 1


We’re both really excited to join Sue, Janet, Jenny and Mary in this blog and can’t wait to read their posts. We’re going to be having some fun.  So pop in as often as you can. We all love a good chat!


4 thoughts on “Hello everyone, welcome!

  1. Love both spaces – though I would decamp if my own space got too cluttered (rather than spend time tidying it up!!). It’s not because I am a tidy person (I wish!), but because I need a clear space for a clear head. Weird or what?

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