Hello and welcome


It’s Janet here.
I’m really excited about this new blog and sharing it with some of my writer friends.
I’m also looking forward to sharing my writing life with both readers and other writers. I thought I’d start by showing you this… its my office. I know – its terriby untidy, but I do know where everything is (almost). I hope you will drop by this part of my writing space from time to time for a cup of tea and a chat between chapters.


The wall above my desk is decorated with all my framed book covers. It inspires me as I write.


8 thoughts on “Hello and welcome

    • I hope so Veronica. I’ve got two more books coming out this year. I love the random placement and the slightly different shapes and sizes. In dire emergencies… I do have another wall πŸ™‚


  1. I’m perfectly capable of sweeping everything off my desk and piling it somewhere out of sight, just so that I can have a clear space around me. Clear head, clear thoughts – that’s the theory. In reality …


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