Excited to be here

Hello, it’s Mary here and I’m really excited to be sharing in this five-author blog. I hope you will enjoy visiting as with five very different writers putting up posts there’s sure to be lots to amuse, inform and entertain you.

I work in a book-lined room which overlooks the main street of my small town. Over the rooftops I can just see the hills while directly opposite are the Solicitors Property Centre and a shop selling sports goods and pet supplies. The latter has a rather mesmerising white and blue Christmas star flashing at me at night.

My desk is much too messy to show you so I’m only going to let you have a glimpse of some of the books.


In the room where I work


5 thoughts on “Excited to be here

  1. Wow, fabulous display of books. I don’t think I’d ever get any writing done if I was surrounded by all those. I have a few in the room where I work, but the rest are all piled up on bedroom shelves, on bedside cabinet, and all over the house like Janet. 🙂

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  2. I have my bookshelves scattered throughout the house. The upstairs hallway is lined on one side with bookshelves. Anywhere there is wall – there are bookshelves. it makes it very difficult to find places to hang artwork.

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