Welcome to our blog

Jenny here, hello everyone

I’m so excited to be part of this new blog, ‘Take Five Authors’ – and I know my fellow authors are too. We’re planning on making this a lively, interesting, informative, ‘go-to’ site for both writers and readers – so please do join in our conversations!

Another thing I’m really excited about is my new writing space. I used to do silversmithing and make jewellery, and some years ago a joiner built me a workbench in my den. It was terrific – but as my shoulder problems increased, and my interest in (and commitment to) writing also grew, I gradually stopped making jewellery. What was I left with? A desk with a great semicircle cut out of the front.

Now my ultra-talented friend, furniture maker Ben Dawson, has given this space a new lease of life, by making my desk magically whole again and … wait for it … covering it with luxurious cream leather.

It’s mine, I tell you, mine, all mine …

I like to write in a clear, uncluttered space – so now I have no more excuses, do I?

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