Welcome to our blog

Jenny here, hello everyone

I’m so excited to be part of this new blog, ‘Take Five Authors’ – and I know my fellow authors are too. We’re planning on making this a lively, interesting, informative, ‘go-to’ site for both writers and readers – so please do join in our conversations!

Another thing I’m really excited about is my new writing space. I used to do silversmithing and make jewellery, and some years ago a joiner built me a workbench in my den. It was terrific – but as my shoulder problems increased, and my interest in (and commitment to) writing also grew, I gradually stopped making jewellery. What was I left with? A desk with a great semicircle cut out of the front.

Now my ultra-talented friend, furniture maker Ben Dawson, has given this space a new lease of life, by making my desk magically whole again and … wait for it … covering it with luxurious cream leather.

It’s mine, I tell you, mine, all mine …

I like to write in a clear, uncluttered space – so now I have no more excuses, do I?

Excited to be here

Hello, it’s Mary here and I’m really excited to be sharing in this five-author blog. I hope you will enjoy visiting as with five very different writers putting up posts there’s sure to be lots to amuse, inform and entertain you.

I work in a book-lined room which overlooks the main street of my small town. Over the rooftops I can just see the hills while directly opposite are the Solicitors Property Centre and a shop selling sports goods and pet supplies. The latter has a rather mesmerising white and blue Christmas star flashing at me at night.

My desk is much too messy to show you so I’m only going to let you have a glimpse of some of the books.


In the room where I work

Hello and welcome


It’s Janet here.
I’m really excited about this new blog and sharing it with some of my writer friends.
I’m also looking forward to sharing my writing life with both readers and other writers. I thought I’d start by showing you this… its my office. I know – its terriby untidy, but I do know where everything is (almost). I hope you will drop by this part of my writing space from time to time for a cup of tea and a chat between chapters.


The wall above my desk is decorated with all my framed book covers. It inspires me as I write.

Hello everyone, welcome!

We are “Ellie Campbell”, co-authors and sisters Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell.   We’re thrilled to be part of this new and chatty author blog and thought we’d start by telling you about our writing spaces.

Pam first:  I always work in my attic, climbing up the stairs every morning with a mug of tea to shut out all distractions. There’s a great view from the window looking out over fields and trees to the beautiful Surrey countryside. On a clear day I can see right over to Gatwick airport and if I’m not writing, I’m day-dreaming of flying off somewhere hot and luxurious.

Pam's attic


And Lorraine:  I have a very messy office in our Colorado house, with a desk so cluttered that many times I choose to write in the living room instead, either on the sofa or at our little breakfast booth.  And then I get the additional joy of occasionally seeing my four horses galloping past the window.

Lorraine's office 1


We’re both really excited to join Sue, Janet, Jenny and Mary in this blog and can’t wait to read their posts. We’re going to be having some fun.  So pop in as often as you can. We all love a good chat!

Great to be here!

Hi, this is Sue.

Thanks for stopping by to see our new Take Five Authors blog. I’ve never participated in a joint blog before so I’m excited to have been invited to be part of this one.

My next two books will be with Avon HarperCollins UK and here’s a pic of their swanky new offices next door to The Shard near London Bridge. The News Building copy

Good job I don’t work there as I’d never get any writing done. I’d just stare out at the views of London.

Instead I write in my study, at a desk facing the wall. At some point of each day I leap up and do something else for an hour or two – Zumba, yoga, FitStep or my piano lesson – but I’m a full-time writer and work fifty or sixty hours most weeks.