Great reviews – just what a writer craves …

MWMI’m half way through a blog tour to launch my latest novel, Mistakes We Make. It’s always a nail-biting time, because now is when the truth emerges: do readers love your book or hate it?

Thankfully, there seems to be a general thumbs up for this latest in my Heartlands serieswith a clutch of positive comments. I’m thrilled with today’s review, for example, on The Writing Garnet blog. Kaisha says:

…’The strength behind the storyline is evident pretty much from the onset and I absolutely LOVED reading a book with towns that I know of, and have visited, as I live near them! For me, that cemented the realistic factor of the book as I was able to visualise the areas that the characters went to. Very special. There were a few situations in the book that had me rather shocked, but Jenny wrote about every dark and emotional situation with sensitivity, realism and gave them even more of an edge. To be able to write about events that could potentially bring the shock factor to the reader, with such honesty and focus, really added warmth to the book in a way I never knew was possible. Mistakes We Make is a rollercoaster ride of a story that will have you engrossed and involved in a multitude of ways. With an exceptionally strong storyline and memorable characters, Mistakes We Make is a definite must read and will leave you wanting more. Intense and emotional, this book certainly packs punch. I can honestly say that it definitely wasn’t a mistake to read!

There’s a Giveaway on the tour, so track me on Twitter to hop in and see what other reviewers are saying. But I know time is short and demands on it are great, so here’s another chance to grab a free copy paperback or ebook) for yourself! Just sign up to my newsletter here and tweet that you have done so using the hashtags #TakeFive Authors and #MistakesWeMake and I’ll pick a winner on 28th September!


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