Third Annual Bloggers Bash

This is rather a self-indulgent post as I re-live the Bloggers Bash. I can’t believe it’s already a week since I was in London meeting up with bloggers, some of whom I met last year, some of whom I only knew online and others whose blogs were new to me.


Here I am with two of the organisers, Geoff le Pard and Ali Isaac

The Bash, now in its third year, is organised by Sacha Black and her minions, Geoff le Pard, Hugh Roberts and Ali Isaac. This year, as well as the presentation of blogging awards in a wide range of categories, the day included presentations and a panel debate – as well as much hugging, socialising, eating cake and a huge amount of chatter and laughter.


Sally Cronin and I have shared many virtual hugs so it was lovely to meet her and enjoy a real hug at the Bash. Here she is with author and blogger Noelle Granger from the USA

I experienced my usual ‘country bumpkin goes to the big city wobble’ a couple of days before. What if I was left sitting in a corner all by myself? What if I got lost and never made it to the Bash? I dread getting lost in London by jumping on the wrong train on the underground (Glasgow’s underground is so simple. It goes round in a circle so if you miss your stop you sit tight until it comes round again – there’s none of this changing to join other lines) or taking a wrong turning because often I confuse my left with my right.


Willow and Ruth in the front row with Ellen, who won the inaugural short story competition, sitting behind with Shelley who was second in the Inspirational Blogger category

Anyway, armed with numerous bits of paper with step by step instructions I made it from Euston to Victoria – paying for the tube ticket with a contactless debit card made life easier than queuing. At Victoria I had a bit of a panic when I couldn’t find the exit named on one of my bits of paper – neither could three rail staff. As I approached three police officers coming out of their office, they backed off in a very unfriendly manner. Two of them vanished but I trapped the third between me and a wall as I brandished bits of paper and asked where the particular exit was. He demanded to know where I was going which, at first, I thought was none of his business really but realised when I reluctantly told him that he then knew in which direction to send me.I checked into my overnight accommodation and did a recce with my instructions to find the venue so I’d know where I was going and how long it would take. It was a nice evening so I didn’t mind that I’d walked an extra two miles because I missed a turning. Nice young man in reception looked confused when I asked if this was the venue for tomorrow’s Bloggers Bash. His colleague informed me it was the venue for an International Bloggers Conference.


Elena, Bash orgnaiser Sacha and Ellen – sorry I practically decapitated you but the smiles are great.

Jessica Norrie and I actually met on the way and introduced ourselves and then we were there being offered welcome hugs by Hugh. Any worries about not finding people to talk to me vanished: despite the fact that the majority of us are complete introverts and usually run a mile from large gatherings the buzz bloggers generate when they get together is quite incredible.


Sherri, Marjorie and Sally

The awards, for which there were 6,561 votes this year, were announced at intervals during the day – for a full list of winners see Sacha’s blog here.

The presentations by Suzie on how to make money from your blog and Elena on Pinterest were fascinating. Elena made it all sound so easy for a few giddy moments I was convinced I’d reactivate my Pinterest account as soon as I came home. Hmm! A lively debate took place with the panel of Suzie, Elena and Christoph Fischer.


Adam Dixon and Christoph Fischer in earnest conversation


Ritu, Steve, both of whom I met last year and Sue. I’ve followed Sue’s wonderful blog for at least two years – and she follows my Goldfish blog – so I was delighted to actually meet her in real life this year.



Thanks to Sally Cronin for sharing this photo of Marjorie, Sherri and me



Another of Sally’s photos showing Willow, Ritu, Sue and Noelle.

Check out the blogs of those who attended (apologies if I missed any) and see what an extraordinary range of topics people blog about.

Ritu – But I Smile Anyway

Shelley – Shelley Wilson

Jessica – Jessica Norrie

Willow – Willowdot21

Graeme – Graeme Cumming Dot Net

Rebecca – If Only I Could Read Faster

Marje – M J Mallon Author (Kyrosmagica)

Lucy – BlondeWriteMore

Sheila – SC Skillman

Noelle – SaylingAway

Sherrie – A View From My Summerhouse

Allie – Allie Potts Writes

Helen – Journey To Ambeth

Mary – My Dad Is A Goldfish

Christoph – Writer Christoph Fischer

Eloise – E. De Sousa

Julie – Julie Lawford

Steve – Sun In Gemini

Alex – Alex Raphael

Ellen – Ellenbest24

Elena – Elena Peters

Davy – Inside The Mind Of Davy D

Lance – Lance Greenfield

Sally – Smorgasbord – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Icy – Icy Sedgwick

Matt – The Gay Stepdad

Susie – Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride

Adam – Adam Dixon Fiction

Lucia – Rereading Jane Eyre


Ruth – Image & Word

Melanie – Melanie Roussel

Sue – Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Suzie – Suzie Speaks

Jo – My Chestnut Reading Tree

Donna – Jot to Jot

Sacha – Sacha Black

Geoff – TanGental

Ali – Ali Isaac Storyteller

Hugh – Hugh’s Views And News

If you are interested in attending next year’s Bash put the date in your diary now – June 09, 2018 and I think you can sign up on Sacha’s blog to receive email notifications regarding the Bash.

62 thoughts on “Third Annual Bloggers Bash

    • Thanks for dropping in. Glad you enjoyed the post and oh, yes, you should definitely get there – it’s great fun. 9th June, 2018. You’ll know lots of people even if you’ve never met them before!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ahhh what a lovely round up post – Think I might need to do something about that double chin I’ve grown though! I hope to see you again next year, and I’ll make sure I’ve done some wander posts so we can discuss theories!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sacha. I’ve put next year’s date in my diary and hope to be there. Looking forward to some of your weird and wonderful posts – though I realise finding the time isn’t easy for you with so much else going on and books to get out. What double chin?


  2. I felt like I talked my head off all day and yet I Still didn’t get around everyone! Maybe we should do one of those dating things next year where everyone gets to meet everyone else and talk for two minutes before the bell goes and we have to move on to tbe next person! 🤣 Lovely post and pics, Mary. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a great day, Sue, and I’m so glad I went. It’s astonishing how the awards have grown in such a short time – so many more blogs were nominated this year (some completely new to me) and an amazing number of votes cast. Maybe see you there next year?


    • Thanks, Lea. I think I found your blog through one of the bloggers I follow. It was a fabulous day. Thanks so much for saying you enjoyed No More Mulberries – you made my day.


  3. What a lovely post, Mary. You have taken so many fabulous photos, all so natural looking, no forced smiles, just happy faces. Who would have thought that so many introverts could look so at ease! That’s the Bash for you! A truly magical event. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Lovely to see you again at The Bloggers Bash, Mary. As usual, I didn’t get a lot of time to catch up with everyone, but I’m glad I saw you when you arrived. So very pleased you enjoyed the event. I look forward to seeing you at The Fouth Annual Bloggers Bash, next year.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks, Hugh. It’s always impossible for the hosts to spend much time with the guests. I’m sorry I’ve nto included a pic of you. The ones I took were way too dark as the flash wasn’t working – well, it wasn’t because I forgot to switch it on. Roll on June 9th 2018! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That underground system in Glasgow sounds like a revelation! Just ONE line?! That would make everything so much easier!
    A lovely post with some great pictures. It was fantastic to meet and talk to you, and I hope you have a successful year with your writing. You can tell us all about it at the next Bash! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • We have an inner and an outer circle. They used to call it the ‘clockwork orange’ because the trains were orange. Glad you liked the post. It was good to meet you and I hope you also have a successful writing year – maybe even monetarising your blog? Here’s to June 2018.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reblogging, Sally, and for letting me use a couple of your pics. I only realised after posting that I haven’t included one of Hugh! I took some of him but they were too dark to use. Sorry, King of Hugs!


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