Free Promotion – Update

No More Mulberries - web readyI thought I’d give an update on my No More Mulberries promotion when, for five days, I offered it FREE to download.

I know it seems counter-intuitive to give books away and some authors are opposed to the idea and for a long time so was I. I knew it was something many indie authors did but I really didn’t like the idea of all my hard work being simply given away.

The redoubtable Jackie Weger, founder of eNovel Authors at Work, of which I am a proud member, persuaded me. She took me gently by the hand, pointed her snake gun at me and said, “Do it!”  I did it.

I’m delighted with the result. Over the five days almost 5,000 people downloaded the book, mainly in USA and UK but also in Canada, Australia, India and Italy. Okay, so they didn’t pay me for it but money isn’t everything, is it? I love the idea so many new readers now have a copy of No More Mulberries on their Kindles.

Also, people borrowed the book. This is something I don’t pretend to understand but for some reason people choose to borrow it from Kindle Unlimited rather than simply downloading it. I love it that they do because Amazon actually gives me money every time someone reads a page of a borrowed book. So far these lovely people have read 15,000 pages and climbing.

Reviews from these new readers have started to come in already. So far, they have been lovely, like the one Sally Cronin posted on her Smorgasbord blog as well as Amazon and GoodReads. Since the promotion ended and No More Mulberries returned to full price, paid sales have gone up. I expect they will plateau soon but it’s lovely while it lasts.

Of course, it isn’t just a matter of offering a book for free on Amazon – a fair bit of work is required if anyone is to know about it. Amazon doesn’t do much on that front so it’s up to the author. I booked a few paid ads on sites such as Ereader News Today, Digital Book Today, Great Books Great Deals and Authors Cross Promotion.

Major thanks go to Sally Cronin who promoted the free deal on her blog and to Sue Vincent and Marcia Meara who both let me write guest posts on their blogs, providing me with the opportunity of letting potentially several thousands of people know about No More Mulberries.

And for five days I worked social media – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – like a demon. The share buttons were red hot! It was exhilarating and exhausting and now I’m getting my head down to write.

31 thoughts on “Free Promotion – Update

  1. Mary I don’t feel it is counter intuitive to give your work away…. Money is nice but recognition, I think, is better. And as you said it paid dividends in spades. As it is the quality of your work that readers will remember…. I do! Kudos and congrats!!!!

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    • Thank you. There has been a nice boost to sales since the promotion and people are still reading it though I can see it tapering off now. It was well worth the effort. I hope you enjoy it when it rises to the top of your TBR pile 😉


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      • Aw… Thank you! 💖 That was unexpected. I’m delighted (and hope you enjoy it whenever you get to it). I should have grabbed No More Mulberries but I’ll remedy that. I do have your Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni. I’ve seen it around with wonderful reviews (and, I’m sorry, who could resist that title?)

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing Mary. I’m always interested in results from promos because we’re always looking to learn what works best. Did you get to find out how many of those downloads came from each paid site? And did you use any free promo sites to place ads? I’m a firm believer in that the system works. When I do a free promo, I get readers to buy my other books, so whatever it takes. Which reminds me, I’m long overdue for a promo. 🙂

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    • Hi Debby, I know the download numbers for some of the paid sites but not all because on some days two or three were booked on the same day. On the first day I was only on Digital Book Today and that had 872 downloads. On the second day there was about 1500 downloads but several sites were involved so can’t work out numbers for each and on the last day I was booked pnly with Authors XP which resulted in just over 800 downloads. I did use some of the sites which promote for free but couldn’t tell you how effective they were. I don’t think many of the FB sites are of much use – people jump in, put up the info on their book and jump out so I don’t know who actually reads the promo info! Hope that’s helpful.

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      • Thanks Mary. I asked because it is difficult to tell with most sites how many downloads. We tend to get better info from some of the paid sites but I never find out how many came from which free one so I thought maybe things changed. Yes, I find FB isn’t a great promoting tool for myself, although some authors think so. Maybe it depends on the genre and how much effort and money we pay for the boost. I once paid for a FB boost and didn’t find it worth my while. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    • It’s not difficult, Hugh, but fairly time consuming to book promo slots and write up guest posts. If your book is not exclusive to Amazon then you don’t get the payment for pages read. If you go to your Amazon Bookshelf and click on the box which says promote and advertise you’ll get the info about it. Getting your book into the hands of readers is what it’s about!

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      • Thanks, Mary. ‘Glimpses’ is exclusive to Amazon. I went down that route on some advice from another author who said to go exclusively with Amazon on your first book. I’ve had some success with those that pay per page read, which did rather surprise me. I’ll check out my Amazon Bookshelf and read up on how to promote the book via a free download. 5000 downloads is very impressive.

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    • I know the sales will fall again once the book loses its visibility on Amazon. I love watching the pages read total rising and knowing that people are reading No More Mulberries right now. What else is there to do on a wet Saturday!

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