Janet Gover

Janet Gover -TFA
Janet Gover grew up in the Australian outback surrounded by books. She solved mysteries with Sherlock Holmes, fell in love with Jane Austen, and shot to the stars with Ray Bradbury.After studying journalism at Queensland University she became a television journalist, first in Australia, then in Asia and Europe. During her career Janet saw and did a lot of unusual things. She has met one Pope, at least three Prime Ministers, a few movie stars and a dolphin.She now works with television technology and travels extensively with her job.

Janet’s first short story, The Last Dragon, was published in 2002 and her first novel, The Farmer Needs A Wife in 2009. Flight to Coorah Creek, the first book in her Australian outback series, won the Aspen Gold Reader’s Choice Award, presented by the Romance Writers of America, Denver chapter and was shortlisted for the Romantic Book of the Year by the Romance Writers of Australia. Janet has also won the Elizabeth Goudge Award, presented by the Romantic Novelists’ Association (UK).

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