Annual Bloggers’ Bash


Early arrivals at the Bloggers’ Bash, greeted by Sacha before registering. Picture courtesy of Hugh Roberts.

I’m starting this post by giving the bloggers among you a very important date – Saturday June 10, 2017. Put in your diary now. This is when the annual Bloggers Bash takes place – and you really don’t want to miss it.


I went to London for this year’s Bash; somewhat nervously it has to be said. Apart from worrying about whether, not having met any of these people before, I would find myself sitting alone in a corner I was concerned about getting lost and never finding the venue. I have no sense of direction, have serious problems in distinguishing left from right and absolutely no idea which way is south – or west or north. And I don’t have a smart phone.


“Then I turned left…no, right, well, whatever, I got here.” I have no idea what I was holding forth about. Picture courtesy of Hugh Roberts

What I did have was several sheets of paper with directions prepared by the ever-patient DH for each stage of my journey from when I arrived at Euston Station. I walked to Kings Cross, dispensed with paper one and followed the next set of directions provided by one of the Bash organisers Geoff Le Pard. I had other bits of paper to direct me from the Bash venue to the hotel I was staying in and from the hotel back to Euston. I only got lost once.

As soon as I arrived, the warm welcomes and hugs from the organisers – Sacha (the Boss), Hugh, Geoff and Ali instantly dispelled all my anxiety about sitting speechless and friendless in a corner. People just seemed to fall into conversations. It was amazing to be able to talk to bloggers I’d never actually met but who were most certainly not strangers. I met new-to-me bloggers, too, and people I knew through commenting on blogs we follow. The place was buzzing. And it was noisy. Put 50 plus bloggers in a room and the decibel level could raise the roof!


The all-important envelopes for the various award categories. Photo courtesy of Hugh Roberts

Blogger Awards were given out – you can see who won what on Sacha’s blog here – and there was a blogging master class by Luca Sartoni who works for Automatic, owner of WordPress. Luca was somewhat astonished to discover how much re-blogging we do. I think we were equally astonished at his astonishment.

Bloggers came from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Lichtenstein – and I knew I shouldn’t have started this paragraph because I can’t remember where everyone came from. It was a truly international gathering.

It was a fantastic day. Online friendships were cemented, new friends met to follow online and the wonderful, warm, fuzzy (maybe that was the gin) feeling of belonging to an amazing blogging community.

Hugh Roberts, one of the organising team, filmed the proceedings. I suspect all of us granted permission without realising we were then expected to say something to camera without being given a second to prepare!

Hats off to the organisers, who did such a fantastic job. I’m so looking forward to next year’s Bash. Put that date in your diary now. June 10, 2017.

40 thoughts on “Annual Bloggers’ Bash

    • Thanks for dropping by. It was a brilliant day and wonderful to meet so many bloggers in person. With your love of travelling, couldn’t you tie in a visit to the UK with next year’s Bash! It would be great to meet you:)

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      • Funny you should ask Mary. I’ve been chatting about that with Sacha and Hugh. I was hoping that I could have made it this year but my hub’s illness was priority. He’s on the mend, and depending how this year plays out with his health, I have full intentions of coming next year! Plus, my best friend lives in Kent, so even more reason for a visit. ❤

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  1. A great write-up, Mary. It was great to meet you in person and I’m so glad that my busy videoing schedule didn’t get in the way of being able to chat to you. From what I have read, everybody seems to have really enjoyed the day. I don’t think anyone was lost for words, other than when I pointed the camera at them. 😃

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  2. Paul, I hope you find this reply. This particular WordPress theme only seems to allow one reply per person!!
    I hadn’t realised you were in Canada. I assumed when you said you knew some of the London bloggers you were based over here. Silly of me really when one of the main points about blogging is that we get to ‘meet’ people all over the world.
    I can see getting over to the next Bash might be difficult. Sorry about the dialysis. A friend’s brother is on dialysis and on the transplant waiting list so I do understand a little about your situation.
    Let’s hope the cash rains down on you but int he meantime look out for Hugh’s next post and video about the Bash.

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    • Thanks Paul – and thanks to Barb for directing traffic to TakeFiveAuthors blog! The video is by Hugh Roberts – and I think another one will follow soon on his blog. It was a great day – you should come along next year.

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      • If I somehow get the opportunity Mary I will. That said, I am a dialysis patient with a handicap and I live on a small disability pension. It is possible for me to travel but it is expensive. I live in Canada so transportation is a consideration. Dialysis is about $400-$600 per session and the sessions are every second day. There is a system set up internationally whereby I can request dialysis at any accredited clinic in the world and be accepted with some notice – so that is doable for cash. I travel poorly and cannot walk very well, so I have to have transportation where I am going.

        All that said, I have a number of people i would love to meet that are amongst your group – some at this year’s do and some who couldn’t make it. If by some act of God I get rained upon by a large quantity of cash – I’ll be there for sure.Failing that I am delighted just to read about it and watch the videos.. Thank you so much.,

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  3. Reblogged this on Barb Taub and commented:
    Mary has a terrific post up about Bloggers Bash in London. For me, the best and most amazing part was getting to put names to faces of the incredible bloggers I’ve been following. And to laugh at how many of them said, “I didn’t know you’re American!” as soon as I opened my mouth.

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    • Thanks for reblogging the post. I knew you were American – have even chastised you on the extra e you tend to sneak in on whisky – but I still did a double take when I heard you speak and you sounded so – well, so American.

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    • People blog for different reasons and Luca said we should be clear about our goal. And, unless visitors and page views are our goal we should not get addicted to them and not let them drive us.
      Professional design shows investment in your blog.
      There’s no one on Google+ – but then he said that’s where to go if you want deep discussions!
      He mentioned a new TLD (?) which means from November people will be able to have their name as a domain name on WordPress.

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      • I think the November thing is when we can get instead of .com to make it clear what we do. Lovely post Mary, lovely to meet you albeit briefly and here’s to more time next time.

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        • Thanks for clarifying that Geoff. I wrote down ‘name – blog as a domain name’ and couldn’t think what it meant – though I understood at the time. So, this would be
          It was great to meet you – and not only becasue you were willing to put me up overnight – and I look forward to catching up with you again next year and sampling more of your cake:)

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  4. Sounds like a lot of fun, Mary! We sometimes hear that blogging has had its day – I take it that was not the view of the bloggers there! Was there any discussion of the place of blogging in the social media mix? I’d love to hear more about some of the things you discussed …

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    • It was great fun, Jenny. And blogging definitely hasn’t had its day – not if the enthusiasm at the Bash is anything to go by. Or from what Luca had to say, though he admitted to being a tad biased. I would say that people who blog as a way to sell books are in the minority. A number of book bloggers were there such as Rosie Amber and a few of her team (who have between them persuaded me to part with a lot of dosh for books they recommend!). The day itself was very much a celebration of the blogging community. Come along next year.

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